Kantina Arberi is a family owned winery founded in 2003. The father and son team of Fran and Rigers Kacorri is dedicated to carrying on a family tradition of land cultivation and grape growing, as well as expanding it to the production of high quality wines. Mr. Rigers Kacorri holds a diploma from the University of Enology in the University of Bologna,Italy, and a passion for establishing Albania as a prolific wine producing country focusing on high quality wines, with an emphasis on indigenous grape varieties and terroir driven wines. Kantina Arberi makes a 100% Kalmett which is sourced from the oldest vineyards of the Mirdite region, situated between 400-650 meters above the level, in the hills of Bukmira. The winery covers an area of 100 hectares, where about 90% of the production is based on indigenous Albanian grape varietals, of which 60% is Kallmet.